So, get ready to open up blocked sites from your computer. Today in this post I’m going to mention 5 most useful ways to access blocked websites by any countries ISP without violating any cyber laws. Many people might already knew what are the steps, but I do know that there are many people who do not know how to do it. This post is for them.

How can I allow a blocked website? – OpenDNS "because i want to unblock just this one website that i did not want blocked" Nothing is being blocked by default when using OpenDNS except phishing domains and some malware domains. So you may not have to do anything to access this particular website. How to fix random blocking of websites in Windows 10 Feb 21, 2017 Open Blocked Sites: How To Access Blocked Sites Proxy websites behave as a moderator between the user and the website thus camouflaging the blocked site to the Internet provider. This method isn’t as secure as a VPN but it will allow you access blocked sites. If you are security paranoid using a VPN is the method for you. You can find hundreds of proxy site on the web to open blocked site.

How to Unblock or Open YouTube if Blocked at Offices

Jul 15, 2019 · And voila – you’re ready to open blocked sites and access restricted content. Want to test it out yourself? Connect to any SaferVPN server through our app or extension, and then go back to You’ll see the site believes you’re located in the country of your chosen server. How to Get Started with SaferVPN Aug 07, 2015 · music by how to open blocked websites How to open blocked sites easily? How to unblock blocked sites? Block hui website asaani se kaise kholte hain? Block hui site ko kaise unblock i tried some another extensions for adult websites blocking and they are blocking, but.. i can see the website (porn site for example) for at least 5 seconds or sometimes more till its blocked, and these 5 seconds is a lot for chilled, but this extension "block site" is blocking immediately! right away blocking adult sites

Oct 02, 2018

Method #2: Check Hosts File of Your PC and Be Sure that Is Not Blocked From There. Hosts file of any operating system is used to block or allow any outbound or inbound connection. Sometimes, authority use hosts file of OS to block websites. To open the Windows Hosts file, navigate to the following path and open it using notepad. How to Access / open blocked site by using Proxy sites Proxy websites are online proxy servers, rather than directly connecting to the websites that are blocked, proxy websites help you to connect proxy server and then it will send to the blocked website after that you can access them simply. This is old and best method. Just open any proxy site and type blocked URL in it. And you can access blocked websites easily. So, you don’t need any software and you don’t need to change any setting on your browser. There are a lot of proxy websites available on the internet. Here is the list of some best proxy server websites: