Salem Village and Salem Town were politically a single unit, but socially as well as economically the two were diverse and because of this it caused a rivalry. Salem Village had a lot of farmland and poorer people and was also more rural and conservative whereas Salem Town was more sophisticated, maritime, and prosperous, with wealthier and

This assortment of games like Town of Salem features other unique multiplayer games about deceiving other players, alliances and lying. Town of Salem was released in late 2014 and is based on the long popular party games of Werewolf and Mafia that require players to outsmart each other through deceiving tactics. Town of Salem - The Coven on Steam Town of Salem - The Coven is an expansion to the indie smash hit murder mystery game. This expansion introduces 15 new roles, a new faction, exclusive queues, and rotating game modes. New Faction The Coven is a new faction of witches that will enter the never ending death fest that is Town of Salem. The Coven will include 5 new witch roles, and Indie game - Town of Salem - Indie Showcase - Feb 12, 2014 Fear in Salem, Massachusetts and "The Crucible" Essay

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Town of Salem. 73K likes. Official Facebook page for Town of Salem, a game of deception set in the age of witch trials and distrust. 20 one-inch pinback buttons of Salem logo . Your name printed in the "very special thanks" section in the back of the Salem instruction booklet. Your name and face (drawn by our illustrator) will be used for an "Out-of-Towner" Town Hall Card added to the game and included in each deck. FREE SHIPPING. Less

Town of Salem is a video game that really requires you to use deception in order to win the game and beat the other players involved. You can have up to 15 people play this game, which makes it great for parties and events, even though this is an online game.

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